Last Life in the Lens Universe

  • This clip was captured with my digital camera by filming the clip of Last Life in the Universe on youtube. It was a quick way of shortening to the length I wanted. The camera noise is left there on purpose.

    A few more selections from my youtube account.

    Radha’s Dance (from the film The River directed by Jean Renoir)

    Dance sequence digital images

    Napoleanic Soldiers Changing Hairstyles (The Duellists by Ridley Scott) Take the film quiz – whose story was it from?

    Signs of Life (Werner Herzog’s first feature film)

    Three digital images developed from a digital photo of lobster tank in the Chinese restaurant.

    Shiki<> shiki

    Shabu –shabu

    Stanley stanley1

    The Noodle House and the Debt to Pleasure (Story of the Chinese restaurant where they kept the lobster tank).