Dog Day Afternoon – Bas Jan Ader and Dede Allen


Documenatary film of his life.

Birthday of Bas Jan Ader April 19, 1942.

Bas Jan Ader was born to idealistic ministers in the Dutch Reformed Church on April 19, 1942. His father was executed by the Nazis for harboring Jewish refugees when Ader was only two years old. A rebellious student, he failed art school at the Rietveld Academy, where friend Ger van Elk recalls that he would use a single piece of paper for the entire semester, erasing his drawings as soon as they were finished. At the age of 19 he hitchhiked to Morocco, where he signed on as a deckhand on a yacht heading for America.

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A newly found video (very short and enigmatic)

I am too sad to tell you

  • Pioneering film editor Dede Allen, whose work on movies like Serpico and The Hustler revolutionised American cinema, has died aged 86.

    R I P Dede Allen Dede Allen 1923-2010.‎

    She was an extraordinary editor.

    Her influence also manifests itself in other visual media; television commercials, music videos, animation, and children’s television compress many images into very short sequences. Almost every music video owes its rapid, nontraditional editing constructs to Allen. In retrospect, Allen expresses concern about her contribution to increased editing tempo—”I wonder if we’re raising enough people in a generation who are able to sit and look at a scene play out without getting bored if it doesn’t change every two seconds. We talk an awful lot about cutting; we talk very little about not lousing something up by cutting just to make it move faster. I’m afraid that’s the very thing I helped promulgate. . . . It may come to haunt us, because attention spans are short.”

    Allen is best known for having edited classic films such as Dog Day Afternoon, The Hustler, Reds, and Bonnie and Clyde and for having worked with filmmakers such as Arthur Penn, Sidney Lumet, Robert Wise, Elia Kazan, and George Roy Hill.(wiki)

    Watch these films here.
    Dog Day Afternoon

    Boonie and Clyde

    5 clips Dede Allen edited.

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