Johnny Suede & Clown Fashion

Johnny Suade

Who knew Nick Cave and Brad Pitt from the great team of The Assasination of Jesse James by a Coward (trailer) – appeared together in Johnney Suede before.
This was a fun film with Catherine Keener.

Stars in rewind – Brad Pitt in Johnny Suede (Cinematical)

Granted, I’m partial to Johnny Suede’s downtown NYC vibe, pompadours, and anything with Catherine Keener in it, but Johnny Suede does give us a taste of the Pitt that was to come. And let’s not forget cameos by Samuel L. Jackson and Nick Cave, whose white pompadour rivals Johnny’s in magnificence and brings to mind director Jim Jarmusch’s famous coiffure, which is perhaps no coincidence since DiCillo was the DP for several Jarmusch films.

Clown dude SF clown shoe dude spotted by Jtwine in San Francisco.

Nick singing in Jesse James..

Beatiful and haunting song for Jesse by Nick (music with still image on youtube)