Sam Taylor Wood

  • Review of Nowhere boy
    Artist Sam Taylor-Wood surprises us with an old-fashioned, affecting film exploring John Lennon’s early years, writes Philip French

    Sam Taylor Wood follows the examples of artists Julian Schnabel and Stev McQueen of crossing over to make mainstream films.

    Nowhere Boy was dedicated to late Anthony Minghella.

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    Some links to her art
    Men Crying – 2004 – see Daniel Craig, Benecio Del Toro, Dobert Downey Jr + more)

    Ghosts X

    In Pictures – Guardian gallery


    OBE honor <> and here
    The 44-year-old Turner prize nominee has now been made an OBE and says it is an “incredible honour”.

    Sam Taylor Wood is twice a cancer survivor and is currently living and raising a child with Aaron Johnson who played John Lennon in the biopic.