John Chamberlain R.I.P

John Chamberlain dies at 84

John Chamberlain, a multi-tasking artist who made sculptures out of crushed, often vibrantly painted automobile parts that came to define his career while flouting connections to any single movement or trend, has died. He was 84.

Mr. Chamberlain had been ill for a number of years. Critic Charlie Finch first reported the news on Artnet. An immediate cause of death was not available.

  • John Chamberlain at Gagosian (video + images)

  • Jim Bauerlein

    Before DIA-Beacon opened,and the large collection of Chamberlain was being installed, working there…remember driving around in a sissor lift at dusk, seeing the sun set across the Hudson, through the beautiful window designed by Robert Irwin & streaming through the huge Privit centered in the Chamberlain gallery..crazy light in all that cust and twisted Detroit..His work grew on me…took quite a while..

    Privit at DIA Beacon

    Dooms Day Flotilla

    The interview is great…never seen it..such a regular guy..and the list of names…so funny…I wish we could have brought him into talk with all the construction crews…they would have liked him and then got it…in general they did not understand why we were building this incredible space for a bunch of wrecked metal…Listening to him I think he would have got their attention.

    (Images and text courtesy of Jim Bauerlein)