Champagne & 4 -Leaf Clovers

  • Marilyn Photos

    Photographer Len Steckler shot the black-and-white images of Monroe when she unexpectedly arrived at his apartment in December, 1961.
    She was visiting his friend, Pulitzer-prize winning poet Carl Sandburg
    As we know, Marilyn loved older men, she loved the intellectuals — and Carl was very parental with her,’ said Steckler. ‘It was a lovely thing to see.’

    Carl and Marilyn

    The actress died in August, 1962, and Sandburg, who won Pulitzer prizes for his poetry and for a biography of Abraham Lincoln, died seven years later.

    My Best Marilyn – It arrived, I drank it, and I was gayer.

    Jessica Hines who found Marilyn’s letter also visited Carl Sandburg’s home.

    Thinking of Carl Sandburg and Marilyn Monroe (from the video shared by Fung-Lin), I remembered finding these two 4-leaf clovers in the yard there. Good memory. Hope they are still bringing me good luck.

    Visit Jessica Hines‘s homepage which includes her award winning photography project “My Brother’s War” and many other intriguing projects.

  • What did Jesus do ? by Adam Gopnik + Mr. Blank and Jesus

    Nuclear Christmas Tree in reverse.

    Happy Holidays!

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