Make Me a Mask, Ruben Torres-Llorca & Body Art of Ana Mendieta

  • Make me a Mask 2005
    Ruben Torres-Llorca

    In Conversation Ruben Torres llorca

    “My fundamental influences are coming from film and literature. The only reason I choose to be a visual artist is the independence that it carries. Of the art forms, it is the one least in need of an outside producer, and I have a pathological inclination for naughtiness,” says Torres Llorca. “Through the years I haven’t cared what type of classification my art is subject to, whether it’s considered art, post-art, literature, or a simple commentary. I do not care what type of resources it uses, the provenance, or how bastardized it could be if I can use it. The essence for me is to establish a public dialogue.”

  • Facial Cosmetic

  • An Mendieta Artist work foretold death

    (I lived few buildings away at the time of her most unfortunate fall from the building in the village. )

  • Art in America – Ana Mendieta

    Carolee Schneeman, discussed her friendship with Mendieta
    “Most riveting, however, was her frank assertion that she is convinced that Andre murdered Mendieta. “She made me change her light bulbs. She was afraid of heights. She would never go near the window,” Schneeman confided, adding how eerie it is to her that Andre still lives in the same apartment from which Mendieta plunged to her death, and that his new wife allegedly makes window-based artworks.”

  • Artslant Ana Mendieta see her works here.

  • Ana Mendieta – 18 November 1948 – 8 September 1985)

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