Six Cops & Nothingness

6 policemen <>

Two police cars 6policmencar1

Zoom to 6 cops<>6cops

We had no idea what they were doing in the desert.
They are making our dogs very nervous. Our dogs take their job of patrolling seriously.

Chipmunk on the brickschipmunk2

We spotted Wendy’s ballotry ballon floating in the mountains or a chatty cowboy riding backward talking stories last year. Recently we had cops and police cars visiting the desert mountains disturbing the quails, snakes, chipmunks, rabbits and roadrunners living in the desert.
Viewing from here balcony1

The convicts were here one day to work in the desert mountains.
The image was turn into a little fantasy piece.
(repost 4th times due to imagined popular demand)

Take heart, Obama administration may reconsider joining the court.

Lastly read this story,

Tennessee’s ‘Little Houdini’ revives the outlaw legend
Supporters say Chris Gay is a modern Robin Hood. Lawmen call him “a little thief, a little con.”

Mr. Gay’s much-publicized prison-break in 2007 to reach his dying mama‘s side failed, but only after he led authorities on a five-state, five-day chase that ended with him being arrested driving the country singer Crystal Gayle’s stolen tour bus in Florida.

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