Celeste, La Captive and Proust Questionnaire


”CELESTE,’…. is a small-scale, remarkable little film based on ”Mr. Proust.” This is the memoir of Celeste Albaret who, for nine years before Proust died in 1922, was his cook, companion, secretary, friend and surrogate mother during the creation of ”Remembrance of Things Past.”

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La Captive by Chantal Akerman

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The second reason is that Akerman’s austere but excellent film removes all Proust’s softening diversions. Gone are the reflections on art and memory, as well as a 100-page musical soirĂ©e. This is Proust without the costume drama, without wit or social comedy, but with his vision of love as possession accentuated.

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    Infamous Proust questionnaire

    What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery?
    To be separated from Mama
    Where would you like to live?
    In the country of the Ideal, or, rather, of my ideal
    What is your idea of earthly happiness?
    To live in contact with those I love, with the beauties of nature, with a quantity of books and music, and to have, within easy distance, a French theater
    To what faults do you feel most indulgent?
    To a life deprived of the works of genius
    Who are your favorite heroes of fiction?
    Those of romance and poetry, those who are the expression of an ideal rather than an imitation of the real – (continues…>)

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