A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Poets, Teacher Man & Orientalist

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Lyrics by Ogden Nash (Aug 19 birthday) Music by Kurt Weil
The opening line is a (slight mis)quotation from William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing (1600), where it is spoken by Don Pedro.

Frank McCourt – the Teacher Man
(August 19, 1930 born in Brooklyn -Limerick childhood came later. )

“Your mind is a treasure house that you should stock well and it’s the one part of you the world can’t interfere with.”
― Frank McCourt, ‘Tis

Happy birthday Li young Lee <> <>
Poet’s father was Mao’s physician. (See Station – a great video)

Arthur Waley-the Orientalist

Waley (Chinese: 衛利- 19 August 1889 ) was an English orientalist and sinologist. Translated Tao Te Ching. The I Ching..

  • Alain Robbe Grillet anti-roman author (Aug 19 birthday) directed Trans Europe Express (a stylish film – see on youtube)

  • R.I.P John Hollander Poet known for his range dies at 83

    John Hollander, Poet at Ease With Intellectualism and Wit, Dies at 83

    “His mind was singularly capacious, filled with baseball statistics, detective novels, mathematical formulas, vintage wines, German hymns, you name it,” Mr. McClatchy wrote. “It is said of a man like John Hollander that when he dies it is like the burning of the library at Alexandria.

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