My Life as a Human Being, Miro Svolik and “Tony Takitani” a Life of a Film

Photo by Miro Svolik
The above untitled photo is by Miro Svolik a Czech photographer. Miro was born in Slovakia, and now works in Prague. Most of his photos have poetic titles – Because the Attraction of the Infinite is Infinite or “I Crowned Myself the Empoeror” “He seems to see no division between reality and a dream state. His work has the same charm and fresh simplicity as Duane Michals-it makes you wonder, “Why is it I never thought of that?” ..from here.

Many months ago I read Haruki Murakami’s short fiction in the New Yorker titled “Tony Takitani”. “Tony Takitani” has been adapted to a film by Jun Ichikawa which is now getting reviews following its introduction at the Sundance Film Festival. Here are couple of reviews here and here. The film now has a web site and a trailer in Japanese.

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