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Silent Topography – Jurgen Trautwein 2013

Friday, May 24th, 2013
  • Congratulations Jurgen Trautwein. Wall St Int’l

  • <> <> <>
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    Recalled from memory, Silent Topography are painted aerial views of land and water formations observed on transcontinental flights between Europe and the West Coast of the United States.

    Saturday, June 15, 2013
    66 Elgin Park
    San Francisco CA 94103
    Gallery 60Six

    See more from Silent Topography

    At the gallery -click to see large

  • SF Chronicle – Kenneth Baker

    A Trautwein such as “Frozen Blue” hints at his process. It involves crumpling and flattening found paper – in many cases old airport blueprints – then coating and flooding the sheet with acrylic to produce a sort of relief-map-like skin.
    Echoes abound of an earlier generation’s more rugged exercises in color field abstraction. I think particularly of the turn-of-the-’70s unframed soaked paper abstractions of Manny Farber (1917-2008).
    Yet Trautwein’s works’ illegibility as imagery does more than frustrate. It calls up the anxious uncertainty that attends our inability to read satellite imagery of the Earth.
    Almost offhand, it seems, Trautwein aligns the inscrutability of certain scientific imaging with that of his paintings and with our incapacity to recognize in everyday life the signs of snowballing ecological calamity. Or rather, he relies on us to do that. And once the possibility comes to mind, resisting it feels like denial.

    2008 prototype..
    (photo by Fung Lin Hall -This was taken in his apartment. He explained that this painting was the prototype for the new work.)

    See Jurgen with Daisy and Spike in 2008 here.

  • Easter Parade – Cosutmes by Picasso, Mike Kelley & JTWine

    Thursday, March 28th, 2013
  • Parade wiki

    In 1917 Guillaume Apollinare first coined the word Surrealism in the program notes for the ballet Parade; partly reproduced here.
    It was an extraordinary gathering of enormous talents with the set, curtain and costumes by Pablo Picasso (these pictures seldom seen and never published)

    The scenario was by Jean Cocteau; and the score by Erik Satie.

    picture via

    Collaboration with Erik Satie and Jean Cocteau (youtube)

    More image from Flickr

  • Click to see large
    Click to see large

    Paperware. (4 images here) by JTWine full body armor
    selected images from the paper wear clothes line: shopping bags, color sheets & safety pins; posing in hat-masks, bibs, loin cloth, skirts and ties, 2003-2005, with Silvia Nonenmacher

    Jurgen Trautwein NOW – (Jtwine blog)

  • Mike Kelley (many fabulous images from Contemporary Art Daily)

    Dance from Tearoom

  • Paper man (Oscar award winning animated short)

  • jtwine at Javamuseum

    Saturday, February 6th, 2010

    Congratulations to Jurgen Trautwein!


    Javamueum 2010

    web guru since 1996, world wide participation in shows and festivals
    JavaMuseum participant since 2001

    Barnett Newman jtwine2 Enter here

    ZIPS_SOUNDS are interactive noise- color- screens.
    ZIP_SOUNS is a minimal visual/acoustic game, that allows to create patterns and add or subtract sound-loops, covering a spectrum from possible silence to noise overloads.
    depending on the clicking enthusiasm of the visitor ZIP_SOUNDS could become celebrations of barnett newmans zips and colorfield painting in general.

    Niesatt is a neologism consisting of two german words nie and satt. meaning never full, never enough, never satisfied. if one reads it backwards and substitutes the double t with a D it reads Dasein, which means being!
    Jurgen Trautwein

    I like America, America likes me. J.Beuys multi-screen screaming.

    Image sentences from 36 – 50 ( jtwinenow blog).

    Photos from Tenderloin district (Jurgen’s neighborhood.)
    A sawing artist talking about Tenderloin on youtube.

    December Digiteria

    Thursday, December 10th, 2009

    <> <> treetrace
    (Digital image by Fung Lin Hall)

  • <> <> <> <> michaeljackson09
    <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> Michael Jackson heals the world

  • <> <> <> <> <> I am not funny anymore

  • <> <> <> <> cookie_monster-hp

    Close window and begin healing process – I am not addicted to internet.

    <> <> <> <> But what about this? or that?

    Look who is trapped? 1schwarz1s
    Jurgen Trautwein seems to go……
    <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> Blind (S)<> <> <> <> <> <> <>

  • Repetition <> <>repetition3s1 jtwine

    <> <> <> winterb1
    Digital image by Fung Lin Hall

    Winter water winter water <> <> <> <> <> Pacific Winter – Calm Ocean .. <> <> <> <> <> <>

  • Fais Vite

    Thursday, October 15th, 2009

    Driving past the Painted desert last July.

    Friends from France made this neat video.
    Nod le Fou, Ivan Régina, juillet 2009

    From Jurgen. Francisco 707

    <> francisco961
    Super Duty 961

  • <> cartree
    Santa Monica August 2008

  • <>

    See the finished walls Walls from blu blu org.

  • Telescope & Flap a Phone

    Friday, August 14th, 2009

    Beethoven’s Trumpet John Baldessari from Tate.

    Christopher DeLaurenti plays Goofus on flap a phone


    Johanna plays drum (recorded by jtwine)

    Johanna <>

    Now once more with feeling you can play both video together and let them jam. (One in Seattle and the other in San Francisco)

    Valery Grancher 2009 Space Odyesy

    Is that what Jurgen is trying so hard to see?

    Or a little jurgenpaper tree. ( Field work 4 – jtwine blog)

    Backward Planet here New Planet found to rotate backward.

    orsted09 Hans Christian Ørsted
    Google did not celebrate Steve Martin, Wim Wenders and Richard Von Kraft Ebing

    Birthday Bird

    Thursday, April 30th, 2009

    Sandhill Crane stalker1spotted at Kiwanis Park

    Happy Birthday <> jtwinebday jtwine!

    <> <> <> <> <> imgmission1
    (jtwine index)

    Who else share your birthday….
    Kaspar Hauser

    Alice B Toklas

    Felix Guattari

    Annie Dilllard, Lars Von Trier and Jane Campion.

    Eva Braun, Adolf Hitler committed suicide on April 30.

    Following Sun, Moon & MasterBirds

    Saturday, April 18th, 2009

    Sounddex from jtwine spacedoutscreen1
    Jurgen has new sound works – just follow the sound and sight of one screen flickering.
    The second image on his post looks like the I Ching, alas one line too many (7 instead of 6) – that is jtwine’s psychic and spiritual line drawing.

    I have created bird singing (the real deal) in my garden videos for the silent twitterer whose only sound they make is by their 10 fingers. (Follow Milawaukee, follow Osaka) The twitter sounds authoritarian, a few goes to extreme of refusing to follow. The diamond heist artist follows only 10 institutions.
    He twittered,

    Sorry my mind has been spinning for a few months and I’m getting butterflies thinking about the auction.

    The I Ching 17 is SUI the following.

    Sui indicates that you should lead by example rather than just telling everyone what to do.

    Get off your office chair and take a deep breath. Follow and listen to Master Birds, turn up the sound.
    Masterbird on Octillo
    Birds sing for Moon –
    Blind following is evil – the independent minded and enlightened people hate following and followers. However, it is good to follow certain instructions – like follow the signs to the bathroom, otherwise you might get arrested for being a pervert.

    Praise Shark or Snark

    Friday, February 6th, 2009

    Ride the Flarf Fixie and visit the Snark Market.

    Flarf and Snark flarfsnark
    My Geisha Cacti are posing as Flarf and Snark. They have been out of work and were not getting enough attention from the public. In real life they are neither flarfy nor snarky, they enjoy being competent, useful and being professional.

    Flarf is in glory hole according to Gary Sullivan

    Tao Lin tried to replace Flarf with something else in 2007, not too successfuly. (Previously we went Diving with Tao Lin)

    Here is One dollor shark gift from Jurgen who jurgenrabbithas been scouting for a new funfinfin location in Potrero Hill.

    Watch Charlie Rose goes beserk defending snarky Maureen Dawd from this interview with David Denby who was promoting his new book called Snark. (Skip to inaugural poem remix if you had enough of Charlie.)

    Someone is trying to make noise. (Is it Kenneth Goldsmith?)

    Begin Cotton Lettuce glittering edifices (Like this more than the others)

    Any sentence can be made <> <> <> <> Twin Peaks <> <> <> <> All I need is ham

    Praise Song for tomorrow or not <> <> Take Out Your Boom <> <> Words words words

    Defuge Flarf – don’t know who made this tape. Not by Alan Sondheim

    The texts are mine, defuge is a concept I’ve worked with, but I have no idea who did the video – wish I did – Alan (via email)

    And, of that word, defuge, he writes elsewhere:

    fetishization transformed into discard, disgust, the image no longer working, _that_ body used up in masturbation. It is so common that a word is necessary here, the _defuge,_ defuse / refuge / deluge / refuse, de-light, de-flower. Rhyme patterns, frames, defuges; it is the defuge that draws the poem forward beyond return

    Bark, Sun, Twigs and Ice – 2009

    Thursday, January 1st, 2009

    <> <> 09newyear

    All the movement is in your brain.

    Joanna Mattera welcomes 2009

    Happy Holidays from the Rodeo – Megan and Murray

    Jurgen’s email from Germany

    we’ll be here for another week and than take off for SF.
    has been fun so far.

    Jtwine jtwineice
    Niesatt ice cold

    See his ice drawings here.

    J. D. Salinger is 90 years old today. (Still Paging Mr. Salinger – NYtimes) If you are born on New Year’s day you might want to hide too.
    While Salinger is still hiding, the self-evident is still counting – “You and blogging were made for each other.” comment from Curtis F.

    Gong Li was born on New Year’s Eve. (Like Matisse and Paul Bowles) Communist China and Gong Li go their separate ways.

    Aaron Hillis (Greencine daily)

    I intend to find a tone and platform that not only proves it matters, but encourages curiosity, discourse, and awakens new cineastes. Just as Sean Penn channeled Harvey Milk, my name is Aaron Hillis and I’m here to recruit you.

    Goodbye to bark bark Wbark2

    Celebrations from Wordabout

    Sunday, December 7th, 2008

    Holiday Sale assemblagegang2 at Wordabout

    The wordabout blog is a documentation of work-process- experiences, while working as an independent artist at Creativity Explored, an art-center for artists with developmental disabilities in San Francisco.

    Norman’s 3rd guitar and his 4th guitar <> Richard and his finished piece <> Sue and her object

    Thomas and his pan American Pyramid <> Larry with his house and yard

    Blind Johanna

    Dotdude Brick Installation

    Monday, November 24th, 2008

    Dotdude mtremove1
    Dotdude from San Francisco is removing Fung Lin’s brick installation piece by piece.

    Classy Teutonic line up of bricks mtsarc1

    Mostly done, Dotdude surveying the bricks to get a perspective.

    Three or four days later I received this email from Jurgen from San Francisco.

    the Hohokam renga installation figure in the center reminds of dotdude, i didn’t think of it while doing it. i guess the spirits of the south mountain park indians were speaking to me. was fun to play.

    Magritte Owl rengamagritte

    Renga A Renga (れんが – renga – 煉瓦 – a brick )
    Renga has two meanings in Japanese. One is brick and another with different characters but the same sound means collaborative poetry.