A Punk Daydream – A Documentary Film Shot in Indonesia

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  • Update: Big Congrats ..Jimmy Hendrickx just announced…”We have just won the Best Foreign Documentary Award at the Firenze Film Festival 🎥🤘 with A Punk Daydream ”
    (On FB Oct 1, 2020)

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  • This is my favorite photo taken for the documentary, at Kota Harbor, Edo playing music on his ukelele to the kids. The metal round thing in the bottom left corner is a soup-bike in the making. It is recycled metal with a hole in it to fit a soup or porridge pot. It is then attached to a bike. That is how the poor make money. They ride around in the city selling street food. And it is actually delicious. The trashed floor… is actually layers of trashed on top of the OCEAN. Yes, there water underneath, not ground. not safe.
    (Jimmy Henrickx)

    Jimmy Hendrickx (director) in the center and Kristian Van der Hayden (producer) on the right

    A punk Daydream or “Lamunan Oi!” is a portrait of the largest growing punk community in the world despite Indonesia’s extreme social, political, and environmental conditions, as seen through the eyes of punk youth. – by director Jimmy Hendrickx.

  • Interview with Jimmy Henrickx – the filmmaker