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Ingmar Bergman – Persona , Madame Sade & Magic Lantern

Wednesday, July 13th, 2022

  • (Watch it on youtube here.)


    Madame Sade Bergman’s hit production of Yukio Mishima’s play.

    ‘Starkly ascetic regarding the physical effects, yet vibrating with sensibility.’

  • Curious Conundrums of Bergman’s Magic Lantern

    I’m planning, you see, to try to confine myself to the truth. That’s hard for an old, inveterate fantasy martyr and liar who has never hesitated to give truth the form he felt the occasion demanded.

    – Ingmar Bergman, The Magic Lantern

  • The Magic Lantern, Bergman’s
    first autobiography, was a huge-
    revealing and honest piece of
    writing. In general terms, how-
    ever, Bergman’s unparalleled
    successes as a film, theatre
    and television director have
    clearly overshadowed Ingmar
    Bergman the author. Dubious
    as a document, masterful
    as literature, the book had a
    non-chronological structure,
    with altering chapters on child-
    hood, theatre work, the tax
    affair in 1976, marriage crises,
    and encounters with artists like
    Laurence Olivier, Greta Garbo,
    and Herbert von K

    Gunnel Lindblom – (Dec 18, 1931 – Jan 24, 2021)

    Sunday, January 24th, 2021

  • (Silence)
    Gunnel Lindblom
    Gunnel Märtha Ingegärd Lindblom (18 December 1931 – 24 January 2021)[1][2] was a Swedish film actress and director

    The Seventh Seal

    Lindblom was directed by Ingmar Bergman in,
    The Seventh Seal (1957)
    Wild Strawberries (1957)
    The Virgin Spring (1960)
    Winter Light (1962)
    The Silence (1963)
    Scenes from a Marriage (1973)

  • 1aaBergmanJeanneMoreau

    Gunnel Lindblom, Jeanne Moreau, Ingmar Bergman and Bibi Andersson.

  • Harriet Andersson & Ingmar Bergman

    Friday, February 14th, 2020

  • (Harriet Andersson in Sawdust and Tinsel)

    Harriet Andersson

    Born 14 February 1932 in Stockholm, the daughter of naval officer Johan Valfrid and Agda Teresis Andersson.

    ‘Harriet Andersson is one of the cinematographic geniuses. You only meet a few rare shimmering species on the winding road through the jungle of the trade.’
    Ingmar Bergman in Images

  • Ingmar said ' Harriet is unusually strong but vulnerable person, with a streak of brilliance in her gifts. She is…

    Posted by Fung-Lin Hall on Sunday, February 14, 2016

  • (On the set of Cries and Whisper)

  • Harriet Andersson’s old interview. She is funny.

  • Summer of Monica –

    Posted by Fung-Lin Hall on Tuesday, June 13, 2017

    Bibi Andersson (11 November 1935 – 14 April 2019)

    Sunday, April 14th, 2019

  • Bibi Andersson

    Sad news.. goodbye Bibi Andersson! RIP
    Obit here -Guardian

    she starred in more than 10 films Bergman-directed pictures, including The Seventh Seal, Wild Strawberries, Brink of Life, The Magician, The Passion of Anna, The Touch and Persona. She also appeared with Ingmar Bergman on the Dick Cavett Show for interviews.
    Persona – Bibi Andersson

  • Persona Persona Ingmar Bergman and Sven Nykvist

  • 1aaBergmanJeanneMoreau
    Gunnel Lindblom, Jeanne Moreau, Ingmar Bergman and Bibi Andersson.

  • (Elliott Gould and Bibi Andersson)
    The Touch – Ingmar Bergman’s Misunderstood Masterwork

    Ingmar Bergman – Life and Work

    Saturday, July 13th, 2013

  • 1aBibi
    Persona – Bibi Andersson

  • Ingrid Thulin 1abThurin

  • Ingmar as Duncan in Macbeth

  • “Shame”- full film on youtube (Liv Ulmann and Max Von Sydow – Bergman’s anti-war film)

    Ebert on Bergman

  • November 10, 1964: Ingmar Bergman and Charlie Chaplin enjoy a long conversation about movies and other subjects in Chaplin’s room at the Stockholm Grand Hotel. Chaplin was in the Swedish capital in connection with the publication of his autobiography in Scandinavia.

  • wildstrawberries-450x337

  • Magic of Fanny & Alexander – Xmas 2012

    Sunday, December 23rd, 2012
  • It was originally conceived as a four-part TV movie and cut in that version, spanning 312 minutes. A 188-minute version was created later for cinematic release, although this version was in fact the one to be released first. The TV version has since been released as a one-part film; both versions have been shown in theaters throughout the world.

    See photos of Christmas Party from the film set.

    Criterion – Fanny & Alexander – Television Version

    Click any photo to enlarge

    Photo via

  • Erland Josephson R.I.P

    Monday, February 27th, 2012
  • aCriesErland

  • Liv Ullman on Erland on youtube via MUBI (scroll down)

    With Lena Olin After the Rehearsal
    (see full film After the Rehearsal here on youtube)
    Guardian Obit

    Erland Josephson, who has died aged 88 after suffering from Parkinson’s disease, was artistically linked with Bergman even more than Max Von Sydow, Liv Ullmann and Ingrid Thulin. Josephson appeared in more than a dozen of Bergman’s films, and played a Bergman surrogate in Ullmann’s Faithless (2000).


  • <> <> 4.1.1[/caption]
    (Photo by Werner Pawlok)

    “I am of the international upper class, the Swedish petit bourgeoisie of Jewish extraction with poor language skills, a conveyor of a few expressions and faces, with some intonation that combines ancient human experience with timely coquetry”

    “In Bergman’s world I represented a sort of intellectual, sceptical, ironic person, rather cold and frustrated,” he said. “When I went abroad and made films in Italy and other places, I was used in different ways. I was often cast as crazy people … I think perhaps that changed how Ingmar saw me. Suddenly I was on the more magical side of his world, playing the people with fantasies, variety, the artists.”

  • Erland Josephson Gif Animation (Whoa!)

  • Nostalgia Directed by Tarkovsky
    (Full film with Annoying voice over)

    When Andrei Tarkovsky, having recently left Russia, wanted an actor to convey his poignant longing for his homeland, his “nostalgia,” he chose Erland Josephson. It is Josephson’s face which makes him so effective on film, that bearlike aspect, his ability to look lost and forlorn, to convey a sense of suffering and bewilderment, in spite of his bluff exterior. (via)

    Autumn Sonata & Touch

    Sunday, August 28th, 2011
  • (See an emotional scene from Autumn Sonata here)
    Ingrid Bergman complained about this piece of music..

    “Why are you such a bore when you write, Ingmar? Otherwise you can be really funny.” She listened to
    the Chopin prelude, which was to be a culmination of the first act of the film. “God in heaven, is that dull bit of
    music to be played twice? Ingmar, you’re crazy. The audience will fall asleep. You might at least have chosen something beautiful and a little shorter. That bit’s so tedous, it makes me yawn my head off.” (Magic Lantern page 183)
    Ingrid and Ingmar fought and made up and in the end Ingrid gave in. By this time her cancer was progressing “she faced her illness with anger and impatience. She was extremely disciplined in the studio” Ingmar wrote. (Magic Lantern 185)

    Autumn Sonata trailer
    Watch this documentary – on her birthday.. Ingrid Bergman was born on Aug 29, 1915 and died on her birthday Aug 29, 1982.
    Ingrid Bergman on youtube (her story narrated by her two daughters Pier and Isabella) Ingrid’s mother died when she was three and her father who was photographer died when she was a teenager.

    Happy birthday Elliot Gould – August 29, 1938
    Gould and David Carradine are the only Hollywood actors to appear in Ingmar Bergman film.

    Elliot Gould loves it and Ingmar Bergman hated the Touch. (The Playlist)

    Ingrmar Bergman on Touch (youtube)


  • (Elliott Gould and Bibi Andersson)
    The Touch – Ingmar Bergman’s Misunderstood Masterwork

  • Ingmar Bergman and His Mother

    Sunday, May 29th, 2011
  • Ingmar bergmanMom
    and Mrs Karin Bergman

    The first sentences from the Magic Lantern by Ingmar Bergman.

    When I was born in 1918, my mother has Spanish influenza. I was in a bad way and was baptized as
    a precaution at the hospital. One day the family was visited by the old house doctor, who looked at me and said
    “He’s dying of undernourishment.”

    Of his mother Ingmar wrote

    Today, as I lean over photographs of my childhood to study my mother’s face thourgh a magnifying glass, I
    try to penetrate long vanished emotions. Yes, I loved her and she is very attractive in the photograph, with her thick centre-parted hair above a broad forehead, her soft oval face, gentle sensual mouth, her warm unaffected gaze below dark shapely eye-brows, her small strong hands.

    Ingmar Bergman and Peter Sellers

    Peter Sellers did not show up in his memoir The Magic Lantern. Peter was a strange man who did not seem to know himself.

    Unknown Peter Sellers (youtube)<> part II, part III

    The Best Intentions

    Saturday, May 7th, 2011

    <> <> bergmanmom-63

    Karin Bergman aged 20 photo above (Ingmar Bergman’s mother)

  • Happy mother’s day!

    Thank you mother – previous post.

    Ingmar on August Strindberg

    Saturday, January 22nd, 2011
  • 1aBergmanLenaMissJulie
    Lena Olin as Miss Julie.

    Ingmar and Lena Olin Fršken Julie av Agust Strindberg

    Various reviewers noted Bergman’s faithfulness to Strindberg and the naturalistic elements on the one hand, yet also pointed out that the production worked its way down from the naturalistic surface to culminate on an almost expressionist level. A number of critics also noted the intensive psychological interplay that characterised the performance, yet opinions were divided as to how well this worked, and who was the real centre of attention.

    August Strindberg was born on Jan 22 1849.

    Coversation Avec Bergman

    Sunday, December 30th, 2007

    “Harriet Andersson in Monika is one of the miracles of cinema. She embodies once and for all youth, beauty, freedom, rebellion. I see her as pure poetry. When I was shooting Cold Water I was inspired by one shot in Monika, when she runs holding the piece of meat she’s just stolen.” Olivier Assayas from Bampfa

    Assayas Olivier Assayas on Ingmar Bergman on Bergman (I don’t think this book is translated into English.)

    When I did Conversations with Bergman it was an extraordinary experience for a young film-maker to be confronted with one of the great masters. (via)

    Olivier Assayas on Ingmar Bergman Olivier Assayas

    For me, the defining moment with Bergman was when I made my second film, A Winter’s Child, and realised that what interested me in film was filming actors. I became fascinated with the process of what was happening on the face. I had a vague notion that this had something to do with Bergman(via)

    BERGMAN—THE NEED TO TRUST ONE’S EMOTIONS by Olivier Assayas and Stig Björkman

    Assayas on Bergman’s The Magician

    To me, the Bergman style began to gel with Summer with Monika. Before that, the films he was making were like very good American films. But there seemed to be some kind of break with Monika, and after that it drifted into the emergence of that great poetic style. Woody Allen, Back from the Cold, Guardian.

    Harriet Andersson and I have worked together all through the years. She is unusually strong but vulnerable person, with a streak of brilliance in her gifts. Her relationship to the camera is straight and sensual. She is also technically superb and can move like lightening from the most powerful empathy to conveying emotions: her humour is astringent but never cynical: she is a lovely person and one of my dearest friends. – The Magic Lantern, Ingmar Bergman page 170

    On Monika

    Godard said that “It is the saddest shot in the history of the cinema.” And was truly a strange and risky shot, but the result is stupendous: what a look, at the same time mysterious and full of meaning, clear and obscure, straight to the camera: outrageous. (Jose Monteiro)