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Photos of Three Chairs Unfolding

Tuesday, April 20th, 2021

  • (photos by Fung Lin Hall)

  • Chorus of Chairs

  • Mad Tea Party

  • Maria Callas and the red Chair

  • Elephant, & Dragon Chairs

  • See Elegant chairs (scroll down)

  • Specters of Noon

    Garage Sale Photos etc & Happy Thanksgiving 2017 –

    Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017



    photos by Fung Lin Hall

    Happy thanksgiving!

    Lassie on Couch

    Thursday, July 8th, 2010

    Lassie 1lassie


    We are sharing 1sharing today.

    We never tire of watching Cow Song – O mio babbino caro from Gianni Schicchi

    Animal Alphabet with sound effect here.

    Best in Show

    Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

    <> <>

    Last Saturday garage sale bike ride has turned into a dog show.

    <> <> dogours1

    Spike and Daisy can not believe the amazing varities that exist among dogs.



    Yellow dyellow1 bike


  • Found this site 8 ways to prepare your pets for war.

  • Maria Callas and the Red Chair

    Monday, April 20th, 2009

    Garage sale find I garagesalechair
    Garage sale find II mariscallas
    <> <> <> <> <>

    Red chair and old monaural record album (25 cents) are garage sale finds. Opera lover Spike relaxes to “Norma” while coffee brews in background.

    Klaus Nomi loved Maria Callas.

  • (Maria Callas and Pasolini)

  • Things on the Floor

    Tuesday, December 2nd, 2008

    <> <> <> <> <>stuffed3
    Things bought at various garage sales in the neighborhood.

    Things photographed at the garage sale.
    <> <> stuff6
    A digitally manipulated image of a table from a garage sale photo collection.
    <> <> stufftable

    Two Armchairs

    Sunday, September 7th, 2008

    Click to enlarge! Things I got from garage sale.

    redchairco1Cow redchairgorilla Gorilla

    Click to see a pair of Antonio Gaudi Arm Chairs – Palacio Guell

    UPDATE: “You got both BOTH chairs at a garage sale?” – Alan Sondheim asked.
    MY reply: The big chair I bought many years ago. It was sold hastily by a roommate. The owner of the chair was very sad when he found out that I paid only $5.00. Too late.
    The small one I found last weekend.
    Should have titled this both BOTH.
    <> <> <> redchairsm

    Saturday Morning

    Thursday, March 6th, 2008

    <> <> <>Clouds digital photo image by Fung Lin Hall

    <>Clouds digital photo image by Fung Lin Hall
    Clouds photos taken last week on our weekly bike ride to garage sales in the neighborhood.

    This morning just before uploading these photos above,I found coincidentally more photos of clouds from Matt “Clouds Last Evening”

    <> <>Limodog digital photo image by Fung Lin Hall
    Our limo dogs are used to getting attention during the bike-thru garage sale run. Spike (the black one in front) anticipates a stuffed animal for him to play with at home. Spike is not familiar with mega stores like ToyR”Us. He loves to drag these stuffed animals to the yard outside.
    <> <>Spike and his pal digital photo image by Fung Lin Hall

    Created a new catogory “Garagesale” to see some of our garage sale collection. (The China is embedded in our homevideo. We did not find the Necktie Skirt by Charles Delray.)

    Henry Purcell – Indian Queen

    Wednesday, October 18th, 2006

    We tubed with the help of Henry Purcells Indian Queen.

    I fly from the place where flattery reigns.
    I hate to see fond tongues advance
    High as the Gods the slaves of chance.
    What flattering noise is this,
    At which my snakes all hiss?

    Begone, curst fiends of Hell,
    Sink down, where noisome vapours dwell,
    While I her triumph sound,
    To fill the universe around.

    The libretto for Indian Queen, semi-opera by John Dryden and Sir Robert Howard and music by Henry Purcell.

    Films with Purcell’s soundtrack.

  • Antique plate click to see large
    The antique willow design plate from our video was made in England (Ashworth & Bros, Hanley, Staffordshire). Found at a garage sale for $1.00. Internet research valued the plate for $100.00.

  • Vanishing Point – David Markson + Eero Saarinen’s Chair

    Saturday, August 20th, 2005

    Finished reading “Vanishing Point” by David Markson.

    Ice Tea Ice tea Photo 2000

    “The Universe was created on October 26, 4004 B.C. At 9.00 A.M.
    Announced Archbishop Ussher, in 1645.”

    “Tolstoy to Chekhov:
    You know I can’t stand Shakespeare’s plays, but yours are worse”

    “Tolstoy had an illegitimate son he never acknowledged.
    Karl Marx had an illegitimate son he never acknowledged.
    Henrik Ibsen had an illegitimate son he never acknowledged.”
    (From Vanishing Point by David Markson)

    Speaking of father and son, today (Aug 20) is a birthday of
    Eero Saarinen the Finnish architect who built St Louis’ arch and
    Dulles airport. He and his father were both born on the same date,
    August 20 just like John Lennon and his son. (they are Libra – October boys).
    Saarinen’s design are all over the world in office, in homes and at the airports.
    Look at his chairs.

    This chair is not designed by Eero Saarinen.
    Isola Chair Chair3 from Calligaris

    Paid $10.00 for this Italian chair at garage sale. (click the link to see the actual price of this chair at retail. Mine has black seat and the sample does not).

    Saw” the Son” by Dardenne brothers from Belgium.
    Another minimal and affecting depiction of family tragedy.
    You spent most of the time looking at the back of the
    character’s head as the camera follows him around.

    “Karl Marx learned Russian mainly to read Pushkin.
    Joyce learned Norwegian to read Ibsen.” (from Vanishing Point)

    I learned English to read the screenplay of “Rebel Without a Cause”.

    “James Baldwin borrowed money from Marlon Brando with which
    to finish his first novel” (another instance of Marlon did this
    and Marlon did that picked up from Vanishing Point.)
    Now I lost the page for the next piece of information,
    Stanley Kunitz delivered eulogy at Mark Rothko’s funeral according to David Markson.

    Tiny Toy from Columbia

    Sunday, June 19th, 2005

    The tiny toy from Columbia
    Toy from Columbia

    My neighbors who changed their minds about selling the toy after
    I showed an interest.
    The lady on the right asked me then
    if I could guess which one of the girls (there were three young girls) was her daughter I could then have the toy for free. Lucky for her I guessed wrong.

    Picture of a biker coming home from Saturday garagesale ride to neighborhood.
    Looks like she got something to cover her arse.

    Necktie Skirt

    Tuesday, May 24th, 2005

    “What I hide by my language, my body utters,” wrote Roland Barthes in “A Lover’s Discourse.” LeDray’s suits of clothes are bodies, really, unable to conceal the meaning of their lives. “Becoming Mr. Man” from 1992 tells the tale of desperate intellectual, pockets stuffed with poems and lapels unfashionably wide, the bulk of its frustrated desires battering the fabric. (from here)

    Charles LeDray
    Necktie Skirt by Charles LeDray

    Laura Bush got harrassed in Jerusalem, and Hollywood Oscar winning stars Hilary Swank and Morgan Freeman were crude and rude as presenters at the Cannes Film Festival. Karina Longworth agreed with me. “They do a really annoying comedy bit about how they just both won Oscars … ugh. Ugly Americans. ” ( from cinematical).

    Something more depressing from Nytimes On this day May 23.

    On May 23, 1934, bank robbers Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were shot to death in a police ambush as they were driving a stolen Ford Deluxe along a road in Bienville Parish, La.
    It continues…

    1430 Joan of Arc was captured by the Burgundians, who sold her to the English.
    1533 The marriage of England’s King Henry VIII to Catherine of Aragon was declared null and void.
    1701 Captain William Kidd was hanged in London after being convicted of piracy and murder.
    1915 Italy declared war on Austria-Hungary in World War I.
    1937 Industrialist John D. Rockefeller died in Ormond Beach, Fla.
    1945 Nazi official Heinrich Himmler committed suicide while imprisoned in Luneburg, Germany.
    1960 Israel announced it had captured former Nazi official Adolf Eichmann in Argentina.
    1992 The United States and four former Soviet republics signed an agreement in Lisbon, Portugal, to implement the START missile reduction treaty that had been agreed to by the Soviet Union prior to its dissolution.
    1997 Iranians elected a moderate president, Mohammad Khatami, over hard-liners in the ruling Muslim clergy.
    2002 Golfer Sam Snead died at age 89.
    2003 Congress sent President George W. Bush a $330 billion package of tax cuts – the third of his presidency.

    We don’t have to worry about May 23 till another year, thank god.

    Photo of dried Saguaro (cacti) flowers framed by found garage sale
    photo frame.

    We bike to Garage sales on Saturday, rarely we find things we like but occasionally we find some treasures. I will share my garage sale collection with the world bit by bit.
    Garage sale or garbage sale? (From artblog)

    Elsewhere, we are celebrating the birth of a new group blog “Long Sunday”. Cannes film festival rediscovered Woody Allen and so did this blog. (The necktie skirt is short and our Sunday long, that is the way we like it).

    Another wonderful tribute to Claire Denis from Darren Hughes.
    “Beau Travail is a perfect film, and one of the many reasons it is perfect is Claire Denis’s uncanny knack for discovering moments of transcendence with music.” (From Long Pauses)