World Wide Survey – Interesting Middle Aged Men – Bruno Ganz, Takashi Miike, Om Puri & Vasan Sitthiket

Bruno Ganz
Our beloved angel from “Wings of Desire”, Bruno Ganz now plays a monster Adolf Hitler in the new German film “Downfall”
“In the White City” by Alain Tanner was a beautiful almost forgotten film. See Bruno Ganz in the moment of epiphany from this clip. (Scroll down). Note: Hollywood production of “Thelma and Louise” was adapted from Tanner’s “Messidor ”

Takashi Miike will have screenings at Austin Film Society from March 1 – April 12.
“The Happiness of Katakuri Family’ is a zany camp musical by Takashi, and horror lasts only a few seconds unlike his other creepy films. (Comparison of this film to the original Korean film from well researched article by filmbrain is here. )

A week ago I saw “My Son the Fanatic” and thought Om Puri was magnificent. Here is a good interview from Bomb and another one from “He’s worked with the creme de la creme of masterful directors — Satyajit Ray (Sadgati), Udayan Prasad (Brothers in Trouble), Sir Richard Attenborough (Gandhi) and Mike Nichols (Wolf) — and graced television ventures as prestigious as the acclaimed series The Jewel in the Crown. Consequently he has, like Pitt, found himself a screen sex symbol, if a much more unlikely one.”

This morning I was introduced to Vasan Sitthiket by Scattered Blog.

Title:Dam Kills Water, Kills Man, Kills Fish – Oil and Sand

An old interviw from Asiaweek describing Vasan as rude, crude and proud – an artist at war with the world.