Marguerite Duras – The Rebel and the Order + E. Rohmer


The above image is from here Great photos by Hélène Bamberger from this page, you see her study and a photo of happy Duras with Yann.
Margruete Duras was born on April 4, 1914. Duras was an Aries/Tiger, the righteous daredevil.
I have not seen the recent film, Cet Amour-La “Love’s Nudity” by Lars Iyer on Duras, here.

Eric Rohmer was born on April 4, 1920.
“This sense of the unknowable emphasizes Rohmer’s understanding of the world as profoundly complicated. People are called upon to make choices whose consequences they cannot know. They have to deal not only with their own desires but also those of others. Desire is never simple. It is mixed with fear—often the fear of making the wrong choice.”

Thinking of Catholic Church these days? Here are some films to rent.
Magdalene Sisters , the DVD disc contains an interesting documentay of the real life corrupt Irish Laundry hellhole for unlucky young Irish women.
Amen by Costa-Gavras.
“Statement”, Michael Caine delivers another great performance .
“The Nun’s Story” by Fred Zimmerman. In this film Audrey Hepburn plays a character most like herself according to her boyfriend who lived with her.
“La Religieuse” by Jacques Rivette, starring Anna Karina.

“The Black Robe” and two films starring Gael García Bernal “Bad Education” and “Padre Amaro”.