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We are proud to announce that Carrie Yang Costello’s book is due next December. She is my super smart high achieving daughter in law. You met her daughter Nina before. Carrie’s book may very well explain why I am a closet grandmother. (I posted on the Japanese Grandmothers a while ago. ) This subject is too complicated to explain in this post. Women I know will surely appreciate the research Carrie is doing.

Fung Ching Kelling
James – Chine Colle by Fung Ching Kelling

My sister who is a wonderful painter/printmaker and a collagist made the above image. She lives in Honolulu, frequently exhibits in Honolulu and Tokyo.
Fung-Ching and Fung-Lin, we are two Chinese sisters from Tokyo, Japan. We did not keep our maiden name – Yang. It somehow ended up in Carrie and Nina’s middle name. Don’t ask me why.
Yang means – Willow – poplar.

Julia Kristeva and Terry Riley share a birthday today on June 24.
Happy Birthday to Julia and Terry.
Julia’s book cover was used in my web art – Tristana –
Click on Toledo and see her Black Sun. I am not qualified to talk about her theories but I simply love the sound of her name.
Some links for Julia, here, and here from A Gauche.
Re: Julia
Julia Child, Julia Roberts, aunt Julia and a scriptwriter and Annette Benning trying to be Julia – but this Julia from Bulgaria is different, a seductive, authoritative and frustrating intellectual. (Found one more frustrated reader, Dirty Olive)

Listen to Terry’s music today.
Many wonderful tracks are in this page.

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