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Four interviews of William Gass
William Gass’ interview from Believer Magazine.
“But I do have a very conscious desire not to be academic. I’m antiacademic. I hate jargon. I hate that sort of pretension. I am a person who [commits] breaches of decorum—not in private life, but in my work. They are part of my mode of operation. That kind of playfulness is part of my nature in general. The paradox that, in a way, to take something very seriously, you can’t always be serious about it..” (via 3quarksdaily).

On Teaching and writing interviewed by Jan Garden Castro.
“Gass: I’m interested in making a self-contained system of concepts, ideas that will then define a kind of consciousness. It’s a way of inventing a consciousness by supplying someone with the structure and content of an experience. So I make that up and create that consciousness. It’s not a consciousness of the world; it’s a consciousness of the work.”
On Wittgenstein,
“The intellectual integrity he displayed was awesome, absolutely. I was watching not just a really great mind in operation but also an absolutely honest and pure intellect. I don’t think he was an honest and pure person, but he had that intellect, and you saw it. It was like seeing a great artist in operation—absolute scruple. No second-rate stuff would be permitted. That was really impressive. Again, it was an exemplification. Socrates embodies that way; I’m sure Spinoza must have. And Wittgenstein was the complete embodiment of that quest in himself.”

From Gadfly an interview on William Gass in 1998 – “The Tunnel may well be the greatest prose performance since Nabokov’s Pale Fire, but only the most stalwart readers will be able to last the full trip through Kohler’s anti‑Semitic, sexually-depraved and bathroom‑humor obsessed world. ”

“For instance, I can show in what way a sentence by Henry James “is” a spiral staircase. It has the same thought. And my mind works that way. (From Center for book culture – W.G interviewed by Arthur M. Saltzman)


Two art exhibit announcements via email
Received this notice via Paul Malone this morning.
“I’m making a series of 6 radio programmes for HER NOISE at South London Gallery.” Melanie Clifford.

Broadcast in London on Resonance 104.4fm and worldwide online/

South London Gallery 16.30 – 16.45 gmt Wednesday 16th; 23rd; 30th November; 7th; 14th; 21st December 2005.

The PearlC.Yuen Pearl
This announcement from Charles Yuen via email came from Brooklyn.
The Road So Far
Metaphor contemporary art
382 atlantic avenue, brooklyn, ny 11217
November 16 – December 18, 2005

Charles Yuen, Tricia Wright, Ilene Sunshine, Margaret Neill, Mary Judge, Mary Ting, Lissi Sigillo,
Julie Evans, Julie Gross, Stephen Nguyen, Martin Kruck, and Jung Hyang Kim.

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