A Nod to a Nose or Ode to a Combination Platter

Let me introduce you to a nose of Dan Wade.

Intro to Dan Wade

Who is Dan Wade?

This is what he does best

.Kiss Dan Wade

Dan Wade is an action gif star and his blog is here.

Getting back to more serious matter, I saw this film made in 1993 Combination Platter supplied by my favorite local library. “Combination Platter represents the directorial debut of 23-year-old Tony Chan. Himself a Hong Kong √©migr√©, Chan draws from his own experiences in detailing the tribulations of illegal immigrant Robert (Jeff Lau), who takes a low-paying job at a Szechuan restaurant in New York (the film was shot in the restaurant owned by Chan’s parents!” (MSM movie info page).

Look who is holding the green card here.