Double Suicide

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    See these great images from a film directed by Masahiro Shinoda.
    This excellent film is a unique blend of theater and cinema. The elements of Japanese Bunraku theater, where actors are three-quarter life-sized puppets controlled by puppeteers dressed all in black (Kuroko), are intricately woven into the story.

    I (Harry Kreisler) saw Double Suicide twice, and your dual performance of Koharu and Osan in that movie was extraordinary. You were able to convey the bond between the two women even though they were fighting over the same man. What were the challenges of doing that dual role?

    Shima Iwashita Shinoda double suicide as Koharu

    “Koharu was a prostitute, and in that time the people wore very white make up, had very glamorous kimono, and I used a very high voice for her. With Osan, I contrasted that with the traditional blackening of the teeth for married women and shaving of the eyebrows and having a lower speaking tone in my voice. Koharu spoke much faster and Osan slower. But the director had told me that in the last scene that he wanted to give the impression it might have been the double suicide of the same woman. So that the two of them might have been the same woman. So toward the end, I tried to keep that in mind in thinking that Koharu’s suicide might have been Osan’s suicide as well. I tried to get that impression across.”
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    Painting Fung Ching Kelling
    Two at the Side (two paintings) by Fung Ching Kelling