Potato Heart and Beyond the Pale

Potato Heart by Fung-Lin Hall

Two numbers from Beyond the Pale.
Calusari Dance (video)
Beyond the Pale live at Glenn Gould Studio, Toronto, Canada 2005, Eric Stein, Bret Higgins, Milos Popovic, Martin Van de Ven, Bogdan Djukic, Aleksandar Gajic


Beyond the Pale‘s explosive acoustic sound is inspired by a wide range of crosscultural influences, from European folk styles (Balkan, Klezmer, Gypsy, Romanian) to contemporary and North American music (bluegrass, jazz, reggae, funk, and more). The Toronto-based ensemble are known for their instrumental virtuosity, infectious energy, and unique repertoire of original compositions and inventive arrangements of traditional material.

For orchestrual work try the Viennese Vegetable Orchestra. Click to “listen” for sample music.
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