RIP Robert Altman

Very sad news came from Greencinedaily this morning.

Goodbye Robert Altman Robert Altman (1925 -2006)

Vincent and Theo is one of Altman’s masterpieces that is overlooked among young American cinema lovers.
Watch Tim Roth with or without the music.

Sissy Spacek Twirling Baton directed by Robert Altman (Saturday Night Live) (Can anybody verify that Robert Altman directed this clip? The answer is here, Sissy’s Roles” (1977) – Robert Altman Meets “Saturday Night Live”)
Little Puppets (Robert Altman and Garrison Keillor)

  • Bob leonardaltman and Leonard Cohen

  • Image of McCabe and Mrs Miller is captured when Theresa Duncan celebrated Altman’s 81st birthday last February. Her post was prompted by a Blogathon from Matt Zoller Seitz

    A tribute from Keith Uhlich

    How well do you know Robert Altman? (Quiz from the Guardian)

    (Robert Altman and Elliott Gould)

    The Bohemian Crafsman:An obit from Dana Stevens.

    Robert Altman was also a wise dreamer. (February 20, 1925 birthday)

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