Porcile and Earthly Delights

  • Porcile (Pigsty) by Pasolini.

    A savage parody of Godard, Resnais and… Pasolini, ironically chronicling the ‘existential anguish’ of the children of the bourgeoisie, it features Léaud as a mystic youth whose being finally merges with ‘nature’: he gets eaten by the pigs he loves.

    The first, “Orgia,” was originally conceived as a possible companion piece to Buñuel’s Simon of the Desert, and concerns a 15th-century cult of cannibals who must eventually reckon with Church and State. The second, “Porcile,” involves a West German industrialist and Nazi war criminal whose son (played by Truffaut and Godard regular Jean-Pierre Léaud) likes to copulate with pigs.

    Happy New Year of the Pig (or Inoshishi in Japanese, meaning wild boar)

    China heralds year of the fluorescent green Pig

    Bosch image of pig came out greenish too.
    Hieronymous Bosch Hieronymous Bosch detail from the Garden of Earthly Delights
    Detail from The Garden of Earthly Delights

    Sue Coe’s Porkopolis enlarged.

    Inoshishi Inoshishi by Amikami
    (Image source)

    Pachelbel’s Canon accompanies a game of These Little Pigs by Orisinal.