Favorite Intermissions – Christopher Delaurenti

Favorite Intermissions a new CD by Chris Delaurenti is out!

Chris Favorite Intermissions by Christopher Delaurenti Delaurenti

Christopher DeLaurenti is a Seattle based composer, improvisor, and phonographer. A new music rabble-rouser, he also writes music reviews and articles.

(See previous post on Chris on his Live from RNC Protest in NYC here.
Visit his homepage and read his writings on music.)

Don’t smoke during the intermission!
Put Down your Cigarette Rag – Allen Ginsberg boogies on stage.

Gunvor Nelson’s “My Name is Oona” was made in 1969, a film without an intermission with a recognizable soundtrack work by Steve Reich. Watch the film at Bright Lights film. (Not to worry, a very short film.)

Needing a Claire Denis fix? She directed some videos for Sonic Youth. (via Another Green World)