Bark, Sun, Twigs and Ice – 2009

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All the movement is in your brain.

Joanna Mattera welcomes 2009

Happy Holidays from the Rodeo – Megan and Murray

Jurgen’s email from Germany

we’ll be here for another week and than take off for SF.
has been fun so far.

Jtwine jtwineice
Niesatt ice cold

See his ice drawings here.

J. D. Salinger is 90 years old today. (Still Paging Mr. Salinger – NYtimes) If you are born on New Year’s day you might want to hide too.
While Salinger is still hiding, the self-evident is still counting – “You and blogging were made for each other.” comment from Curtis F.

Gong Li was born on New Year’s Eve. (Like Matisse and Paul Bowles) Communist China and Gong Li go their separate ways.

Aaron Hillis (Greencine daily)

I intend to find a tone and platform that not only proves it matters, but encourages curiosity, discourse, and awakens new cineastes. Just as Sean Penn channeled Harvey Milk, my name is Aaron Hillis and I’m here to recruit you.

Goodbye to bark bark Wbark2