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Klaus Nomi’s Valentine’s Day – Vitro Nasu

Klaus Nomi’s Valentine’s Day

Treat yourself a Klaus Nomi flash animation klausgif

Klaus Nomi sings The Cold Song by Henry Purcell (six months before his death, he performed in Munich – now on youtube).

He came from outer space, to save the human race. (The Nomi Song) You can order this film at netflix for instant viewing.

After the fall <> <> Simple Man(youtube) and Wiki Klaus Nomi <> <> more links at Zabakdaz

All about his unfinished opera Valentine’s Day here.
Update:The Boom Is Over. Long Live the Art!

The best art was subversive, but in very un-’60s, nonideological ways. When, at midnight, you heard Klaus Nomi, with his bee-stung black lips and robot hair, channeling Maria Callas at the Mudd Club, you knew you were in the presence of a genius deviant whose very life was a political act. (NYtimes – Holland Cutter)

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