Frank Lloyd Wright with His Curious Asian Collection

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Took a day trip to Taliesin West courtesy of our local library. Came back with these photos of his Asian collection.

Two images in the middle are from Japan.

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Photos: Where Frank Lloyd Wright comes alive Taliesin West slide show.



  • Imperial Hotel Lobby (replica) by Frank Lloyd Wright on youtube.

    Frank Lloyd Wright Trivia

    Actor Anthony Quinn once applied to study with Wright at Taliesin. Wright suggested he take voice lessons to help overcome a speech impediment.

    Wright also advised him to become an actor rather than an architect, he felt that he would make money if he becomes an actor. (via) That was the right advice for Anthony Quinn otherwise we would never see his Zorba the Greek dance. On the other hand acting is just as precarious as being an architect.

    Gammage Auditorium has perfect acoustics, but was originally designed for the city of Baghdad. The building looks out of place in Tempe, was designed by Wright and built by his students after his death.