• (Yolande Moreau as Séraphine)

    Seraphine, a beautiful movie about an artist – Roberta

    I watched a screener and have to say its a beautiful and thoughtful movie with a sad story at its core. All movies about artists should be this lovely. (read more)

    Michael Galasso won award for the film score.

    Accented by Michael (In the Mood for Love) Galasso’s haunting score and Laurent (The Grocer’s Son) Brunet’s cinematography (via)

    Deux grandes seraphine marguerites
    Louis Séraphine de Senlis

    Yolande Moreau, a mature actress with a mature figure, is so beautiful as Seraphine you want to cry. She tromps through the movie like a farm hand and yet her face and body are so full of natural grace that she’s captivating. Moreau won the Cesar for best actress and it’s deserved.

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    Music: Stabat Mater of ‘Arvo Pärt