Elements, Tapestry & Lancelot

“A student shared this with me as a part of his assignment on the Bayeux Tapestry. Now if we could animate the rest of art history…”Philip Buntin

Pen and Parchment : Drawing in the Middle Ages” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

<> threatening-sky1
Threatening Sky by McLoad V Wauthy Waldon

<> feluy1
Feluy by McLoad V Wauthy Waldon

Trailer Lancelot du Lac Robert Bresson.

Poem by Robert Creeley

Bresson’s Movies

A movie of Robert
Bresson’s showed a yacht,
at evening on the Seine,
all its lights on, watched

by two young, seemingly
poor people, on a bridge adjacent,
the classic boy and girl
of the story, any one

one cares to tell. So
years pass, of course, but
I identified with the young,
embittered Frenchman,

knew his almost complacent
anguish and the distance
he felt from his girl.
Yet another film

of Bresson’s has the
aging Lancelot with his
awkward armor standing
in a woods, of small trees,

dazed, bleeding, both he
and his horse are,
trying to get back to
the castle, itself of

no great size. It
moved me, that
life was after all
like that. You are

in love. You stand
in the woods, with
a horse, bleeding.
The story is true.