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You MY Mirror 2emily2
Emile Hyperion Dubuisson

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Emile Hyperion Dubuisson
See Siberia by Emile Hyperion Dubuisson (Follow tiny > sign on top left)

Recently I had returned to some images I made in Russia a few years ago.
These bleak images from Siberia, which I once gave up as lost due to an
accident in development, have been brought back to life through careful
By putting contradictory feelings side by side, I tried to recreate the
rudeness and the fullness of this landscape. This story is a very personal,
intimate and human portrait of these men and women.

Polaroids by André Kertész Stephen Bulger Gallery
Have you seen his Polaroids?

Pulled these two iconic photos from my file.

André Kertész 52kertesz

André Kertész <> 79kertesz

André Kertész: The power of reading
Blake Morrison on André Kertész’s photographic celebration of the joy of the written word (Guardian)

The Budapest-born Kertész enjoyed a long life (1894-1985), visited many countries and was involved in several different artistic movements. But wherever he went and whatever the commission, a constant preoccupation was with people reading. In one of his earliest and most moving images, three small boys (two of them barefoot) crouch over a book in a Hungarian street in 1915; in one of the last, a young woman stands reading in the shadow of a vast Henry Moore statue. Ferocious concentration is common to both. The act of reading involves no action, beyond turning the page. But the mental activity is intense, and it’s this that fascinates Kertész.