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Song of Summer was based on Eric Fenby’s 1936 memoir Delius As I Knew Him (re-released in 1966), which recounts his experience of offering his services in transcribing Frederick Delius’s music from the composer’s dictation.

Song of Summer by Ken Russell (available on netflix)

In the mean time no-one interested in Delius should be without a copy of Song of Summer. It has not dated at all and it repays repeated viewing (in fact it has been the most repeated of all Ken Russell’s BBC films) and remains a fine tribute to Eric Fenby’s sacrifice and self-less devotion. – Stephen Lloyd

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(Erring priest was played by Ken Russell)

  • Happy birthday Louis Andriessen (June 6, 1939) He is 71 years old today.

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  • Happy birthday to Chantal Akerman!