Dennis Hopper – The Last Movie & Photos

The Last Movie Part I (see the film)

The Last Movie the film that buried a visionary…

The movie won the Critics Prize at the Venice Film Festival; despite this, it failed financially and critically after a two-week run at New York City’s Cinema (wiki the Last Movie)

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BBC Dennis Hopper Documentary

Jean TinguelyJeanTinguely

Rauchenberg R.R.dennis-hopper

Then I had Easy Rider, and I couldn’t get another movie, so I lived in Mexico City for a couple of years. I lived in Paris for a couple of years. I didn’t take any photographs, and then I went to Japan and saw a Nikon used. I bought it, and I just started, like an alcoholic. I shot 300 rolls of film. That was the beginning of me starting again, and then I went digital

See more photos starting with the photo of Paul Newman by Dennis Hopper here. (Chasing Light)


Ed Ruscha 1964 Photographd by Dennis Hopper

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