Lucian Freud R.I.P

Lucian Freud and two childrean
Lucian Freud dies at 88

For an artist who has in recent years been selling for $30m for his best portraits, it’s easy to forget how far he fell out of fashion in the 60s and 70s. His highly skilled, original, instantly recognisable, figurative work was eclipsed by the ephemeral stardust of abstract, often unskilled artists…

A Freud was always distinctively a Freud, with idiosyncratic features. For all my admiration for his work, his noses, for example, tended towards the over-droopy, I would say.
His work changed, too, over his very long career – a sign of an original, curious artistic mind. (Harry Mount)

BBC obit (image + a video clip)

Painter’s room

Esther Freud lucianfreudbellaandesther4
and her sisiter.. (see two clips of Hiideous Kinky starring Kate Winslet)

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