The Key to Junichiro Tanizaki

The Berlin Affair directed by Liliana Cavani is based on Quick Sand or Manji (see below left book cover)

The original title of the film, Interno Berlinese, can be translated as Inside Berlin or Interior berlines. The story is based upon Jun’ichirō Tanizaki.’s novel Quicksand, Manji, better known as The Buddist Cross 1928 -1930.

1Taniquicksand Makioka Sisiters Makioka Sisters

  • Makioka sister was translated by Edward Sidensticker

  • Junichiro Tanizaki 1tanizaki was born on 24 July 1886

    Japanese novelist, poet, and essayist, who dealt with the influence of the West on the old cultural heritage of his native country. After publishing novels written in a fairly orthodox style, Tanizaki fused traditional Japanese storytelling and experimental narrative. He emphasized the fabrication as the basis for fiction, stating that in both his reading and his writing he was “uninterested in anything but lies.”
    “I read somewhere the other day that men who are too fond of the ladies when they’re young generally turn into antique-collectors when they get old. Tea sets and paintings take the place of sex.” (from Some Prefer Nettles, 1928)

    Henry Miller loved the Key directed by Kon Ichikawa (nominated for the best film at Cannes – read Miller at Cannes)

  • John Fowles and Tanizaki at Midnight Eye

  • Liliana Cavani directed The Night Porter and Repley’s Game.