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24 January 2011 post: Hans Haacke, Selected Works & Interview

You mentioned that you’d advise students to prepare for the “long haul”–how have you sustained your work through the years?

One rule I set for myself right early on was that I should not be dependent on the vagaries of the art market. It has given me a degree of independence. I wouldn’t have dared doing certain things without that. Teaching has given me the economic base one needs. But it’s not only for the money. I enjoy teaching. I learn a lot from students.

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Haacke’s interest in real-time systems propelled him into his criticism of social and political systems.[2] In most of his work after the late 1960s, Haacke focused on the art world and the system of exchange between museums and corporations and corporate leaders; he often underlines its effects in site-specific ways. (wiki)

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