Happy OWS Halloween 2011

1895: Auguste & Louis Lumière: Le squelette joyeux

Kabocha Kusama and Let them eat pumpkin pie.

  • John Berryman Dream song 63

    Bats have no bankers and they do not drink
    and cannot be arrested and pay no tax
    and, in general, bats have it made.
    Henry for joining the human race is bats,
    known to be so, by few them who think,
    out of the cave.

    Instead of the cave! ah lovely-chilly, dark,
    ur-moist his cousins hang in hundreds or swerve
    with personal radar,
    crisisless, kid. Instead of the cave? I serve,
    inside, my blind term. Filthy four-foot lights
    reflect on the whites of our eyes.

    He then salutes for sixty years of it
    just now a one of valor and insights,
    a theatrical man,
    O scholar & Legionnaire who as quickly might
    have killed as cast you. Olè. Stormed with years
    he tranquil commands and appears.

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