Taylor Mead – We’ll Miss You

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  • Taylor Mead dies at 88. (Bowery Boogie)

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    Taylor Mead, the Warhol “superstar,” Beat poet, stray-cat feeder and sweet face and voice of an era, died on Wednesday at 88, taking a large slice of Lower Manhattan’s cultural history with him. (via NYtimes City room)

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  • Interview – Taylor Mead

    What happened when you came to New York?
    I got into the poetry scene in the 50’s. We were all protesting, it was a revolutionary time….many people from the Midwest, disinherited like me, came to New York to the coffeehouses, and with BOB DYLAN, and WOODY ALLEN, and BIILL COSBY, and ALLEN GINSBERG, and GREGORY CORSO, we were “outré”, avant-garde , and we read our stuff.

    You shot Nude Restaurant on drugs?
    We shot Nude restaurant, we shot it as we shot it, because we were stoned. Unfortunately I knew Viva’s private life. Her family life. So I think she wanted to be glamorous, and her childhood, but I made her stick to the story, she was magnificent. It’s one of my favorites.

    Poet, Painter. Performer..


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