Portrait of Nusch Éluard by Man Ray – Le Temps déborde by Paul Éluard

Portrait of Nusch by Man Ray

Nusch Éluard (by Man Ray) – in “Le Temps déborde” (Paris 1947). This book of Paul Éluard was published (under the pseudonym of Didier Desroches) several months after the very sudden death of Nusch (28 Nov. 1946); it contains 14 poems and is illustrated with 11 photos of Nusch by Man Ray and Dora Maar. It is dedicated to Éluard’s friends, Alain and Jacqueline Trutat, who helped him to go through this tragedy.

  • Paul Eluard
    and Nusch Eluard by Man Ray
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  • Lee Miller’s photo Roland Penrose, Paul and Nusch Eluard.

    Portrait of N. Eluard by Picasso – One <> <> <> <>two <> <> <> <> three

    The combustive Nusch Eluard Born: June 21, 1906

    ¨Nusch had beautifully chiselled lips, her blood-red lipstick emphasized her voracity, her long black hair highlighted her bone structure, her whole body, the way that she moved, exuded a fiery sensuality. Éluard, who was tall and somewhat ungainly with astonished watery-blue eyes, was clearly in thrall to her.¨

    She was model and muse to Man Ray, Picasso and her very own Éluard (whom she married after abandoning color geometry genius Max Bill) but she was no wall flower. Very liberated and with inspiration of her own, she concocted crazy collages in her nights of insomnia. She lived fast and died as if stricken by too much beauty in the streets of Paris at the age of 40.