Latin American Writer, Eduardo Galeano – Champion of Social Justice Dies

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    Eduardo Galeano Open Veins of Latin America Dies

  • My Hero, Eduardo Galeano – by Tariq Ali

    Was he optimistic or pessimistic? Both, often together, but he never gave up hope. The right to dream, he insisted, should be inscribed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. That remained strong all his life. It is visible in his lyrical works on South American history. History written as poetry, three volumes of vignettes, each of them a pearl that went to make a stunning necklace. It is there in his journalism from Marcha in 1960s Uruguay to La Jornada in Mexico today. He was never dogmatic, always open to new ideas.

  • Democracy Now – Remembering Eduardo Galeano – Championo of Social Justice.

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    Hugo Chavez gives the book Open Veins of Latin America to Obama.

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