The Brave New World and the Odyssey

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    Many powerful visionary were born between July 22 to July 29.
    Here are random links. Click the links to check who thy are.

    July 22 – go to this old article by Errata . How he influenced film images – priceless.

    July 23 – Poet who wrote about Goddess and mythology +
    “Lawrence and the Arabs.” Written in translucent English, this book studies not only the events of the Arab Revolt; it also evaluates the geopolitical significance of the Middle East at a time when the glance of most observers was turned elsewhere. He understands perfectly the stake of the European powers in the Middle East. He also explores the exact significance of T.E. Lawrence. (from here).

    July 24 – See his polaroid photos and his Drugstore Cowboy friends here.

    July 26 – Brave New World ranked one of top five novels. The philosopher and the satirist with two great wives and friendship with D.H. Lawrence and many others. Read his biography and this (The Case for Constructing Peace) for now.
    Tripped on Acid before taking his last breath. (Planned and carefully executed celebration for departure and not an accident)

    July 26 – A medicine man who talked to pots and pans. Archetypes, Syncronicity, collective unconscious, he got all these ideas from his patients and girlfriends. Juicy scandal – became a play on Broadway.
    Read “Memories, Dreams, Reflections” for a starter.

    Stanley Kubrick by Weegee
    July 26 – What can we say about this man?
    Alex Rose (music critic for the New Yorker)blogged about his friend.
    He and Andy Warhol got stuff in boxes all organized, to make sure we would keep finding things and remember them.

    July 28 Dada or Our Daddy of avant garde – did not think we should own cars.
    He has a reputation of being controversial, and uncompromising but for me he was a great teacher who fused art and life, he represents good sense, sanity and humor. I happen to think many of his paintings beautiful and mysterious for someone who disdained the retinal in favor of concept.
    “When I once asked Beatrice Wood how Marcel was in bed, fearing that I would never forgive myself in the future for not having asked that question (impertinent though it certainly was), she responded with a tribute that would be the envy of any sensitive and caring man: “All I can remember is that he was as gentle in bed,” she said, “as he was out of it.” ( from here).
    See “Jules and Jim” by Francois Truffaut a film vaguely influenced by Henri Pierre Roche’ friendship with Marcel. (The information about Roche came from Pauline Kael. According to Pauline Kael, Roche introduced Picasso to Gertrude Stein). Jim seems like a model for both Henri and Marcel. Who was Jules?
    Eggnudes Descending the Stairs was dedicated to him, anyone care to celebrate his birthday?