Kubrick on Jung and Arthur Schnitzler

<> <> Stanley Kubrick Self Portrait for Look Magazine
Self Portrait of Stanley Kubrick (Drama and Shadows: Photographs 1945-1950. Phaidon Press. ISBN 0-7148-4438-1. 2005. Originally taken for Look Magazine.)

The Real Stanley Kubrick by Michael Herr (Vanity Fair)

He was thinking about making a war movie next, but he wasn’t sure which war, and in fact, now that he mentioned it, not even so sure he wanted to make a war movie at all.
He called me a couple of nights later to ask me if I’d read any Jung. I had. Was I familiar with the concept of the Shadow, our hidden dark side? I assured him that I was. We did half an hour on the Shadow, and how he really wanted to get it into his war picture.

<> Carl Jung and Arthur Schnitzler
Carl Jung and Arthur Schnitzler

And then there was this other book he was fascinated by – he was fairly sure I’d never heard of it – Arthur Schnitzler’s novella Traumnovelle, which means Dream Novel, meaninglessly called Rhapsody in the only English edition available at that time. He’d read it more than 20 years before, and bought the rights to it in the early 70s (it’s the book that Eyes Wide Shut is based on), and the reason I’d probably never heard of it (he started to laugh) was that he’d bought up every single existing copy of it. Maybe he’d send me one. I could read it and tell him what I thought.

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Stanley Kubrick shared a birthday with Jung and Huxley.

<> Stanley Kubrick by Weegee

Much like Weegee, Stanley Kubrick started his career as a photographer on the streets of New York & contributed era defining shots to LIFE magazine. Kubrick admired Weegee’s photographs & during shooting of Doctor Strangelove employed him as a stills photographer. When Peter Sellers heard Weegee speak he apparently used Weegee’s peculiar voice as the basis for that of Dr Strangelove!

Another photo of Kubrick and Weegee (Lovely Water Parade)