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Happy Birthday! Pina Bausch.

Danzons Pina Danzons

The mystery image from the previous post (July 26) is from Kontakthof.

Pina (short for Philippine) was born nearby in Solingen in 1940, three years before the Battle of the Ruhr. (Pina, Queen of the Deep)
More interviews, here.
One way to get an introduction to Pina’s work is to see a documentary film by another brave avant garde filmmaker Chantal Akerman, (a brief description about the film here).

See Palermo Palermo on youtube

Pina Bausch ten chi

Her work is more than the dance, these mysterious and powerful photos speak for themselves.
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Cactus image from here.

Nelken – Feb. 2005 review

Growing old disgracefully How a bunch of untrained 60-somethings are breathing new life into a Pina Bausch classic.

Cate Blanchet said “If I had my time again, I’d do anything to work with the choreographer Pina Bausch; her work is beautiful. When dance theatre is at its most perfect, you think, ‘Why does anyone ever need to speak?’ To dispense with words entirely… I wish I could do that.” (from here and also from other interviews including one from Bravo’s actors studio)

R.I.P Pina Bausch 1940 -2009 (Archive)