Wilder Shores of Love

Happy Birthday to Cy Twombly, Bertrand Tavernier and Paul Mazursky.

1cy (Gagosian)

See his paintings at Gagosian + eight sculptures

Cy TwomblyCy Twombly sculpture Thermopylae
Here is a background of Thermopylae.

See more of his sculptures here. Not many are familiar with his sculptures. It is safe to say only those who have seen his sculptures at a gallery would have identified him as the sculptor for the above image.

This is an art with a secret, which is in general not that of spreading the substance (charcoal, ink or oil) but of letting its trail behind.
I know the island of Procida, in the Bay of Naples, where Twombly has lived. I have spent a few days in the ancient house where Graziella, Lamartine’s heroine, spent her days. There, calmly united, are the light, the sky, the earth, the accent of a rock, an arch. It is Virgil and it is a Twombly paintings: there is none, in fact, where we don’t find this void of the sky, of water, and those very light marks indicating the earth (a boat, a promontory) which float in them (apparent rari nantes): the blue of the sky, the gray of the sea, the pink of sunrise.
From Wisdom of Art by Roland Barthes.

“His art is tearful, sensual, pessimistic, and on the edge of bad taste” from the Guardian Jonathan Jones.

Through his paintings trickles a current of double nostalgia – on the one hand, for the closed-off “heroic” possibilities of Modernism and, on the other, for the ancient Mediterranean world, experienced at a remove by living in modern Italy. Love (or its facsimile) among the ruins. (Robert Hughes from here)

Wilder Shores of Love

Photographs by Cy Twombly – an essay by Mario Cutajar

Three studies of Temeraine – New South Wales Australia

Cy Twombly Gallery by Renzo Piano – Italian architect (Houston, Menil Collection)

Bertrand Tavernier Bertrand Tavernier

In this interview of Bertrand Tavernier

T: I like to deal with subjects that attract me. I’m interested in people fighting, trying to change things, making mistakes. But I like each film to be a challenge, [as if] it’s my first. When you do a film on adoption and you arrive in a place like Cambodia, anything can happen.

On his film about French resistence “Safe Conduct” is here.

“Enemies A Love Story” by Paul Mazursky
Lena Olin was splendid and Ron Silver’s only good movie and who would have thought that Ron would lose his head after 9/11 and became a pro Iraq war talking head.

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