Jung, Huxley and Kubrick

The birthday (July 26) of Carl Jung, Aldous Huxley and Stanley Kubrick.

A) Carl Jung


A conversation with Aldous Huxley.

– Intelligence & Good Will
– Discoursive Logic & Non-verbal Awareness
– Scientific language & Poetry
– Culture’s Benefits & Traps
– Breaking out of our culture

– Power politics / Arms race
– Destruction of the environment
– Corybantic dances / Dionysian orgies
– The Third World’s dilemma
– Large-scale educational experimentation
– Reptilian brain vs. Neocortex

Human potential
– New educational approaches
– Receptivity: “A wise passiveness”

C) Stanley Kubrick (by Weegee)
Stanley Kubrick by Weegee

Kubrick Jung and Arthur Schnitzler