George Delerue – Youtube La Tendresse

The trailer of Le Mepris (the Contempt) by Jean Luc Godard with Delerue’s soundtrack.
Two contrasting comments from the youtube audience.

See I love this trailer, I hate this movie!
I hate this trailer, I love this movie.

RIP Guillaume Depardieu is set with this same theme by Delerue.

  • Hiroshima Mon Amour directed by Alain Resnais –soundtrack (youtube)
    (More about this film see previous post, Hiroshima Mon Amour or Futon and Cropped hair).

  • Wes Anderson’s copy of “Day for Night” and the background music by George Delerue.

    He was responsible for the sound of Platoon (with Barber’s adagio),
    The Conformist, The Two English Girls, A Man for All Seasons and the Day of the Dolphins and many many more memorable films.

    His film scores

  • 1adelerue
    Merci George Delerue!