RIP Edward Yang

Edward Yang – 1947-2007

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    Yi Yi on youtube with Portugese subtitles. Here Issey Ogata plays Japanese Bill Gates type computer businessman.

    The kid with a camera says farewell to grandmother here.

    Obit from Steven Shaviro who has seen Edward Yang’s early films. Yi Yi is the only film released in USA.

    I remember being stunned and blown away by The Terrorizer (1986) when I saw it at the Seattle Film Festival: sometime in the late 1980s. It was an elegant, beautifully meditative, and deeply unsettling exploration of urban anomie and alienation, paranoia, and random encounters; it played as if a Patricia Highsmith novel had been turned into a screenplay by Jorge Luis Borges, and then shot by Antonioni.

    Edward Yang – a profile from Senses of Cinema.