For Iris Chang

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For Iris Chang
Alan Sondheim

If this were a suicide note, I would leave you my all. You would hear my voice in it, you would speak me as I have spoken to you, for the last time, and the words, the words would resonate in familiar tones uniquely my own. You would hear the silence after the speaking, and you would hear nothing else, nothing from me, but these words, over and over again. You might speak, but I would not hear. You might reach out to me, but I would not be there. I would not have known your new day, or the way you would read these lines, or even the smallest, simplest word, you might say, upon their completion. Such sadness, such anger, would not be mine, would not be of me, would not be anywhere. (Read more here.)

Book TV: Paula Kamen – Finding Iris Chang (youtube)

What happend to Iris Chang

Paula Kamen digs deep into the ambitious life and tragic death of her most successful friend.

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