Alan Sondheim and His Birthday Buddies

Happy Birthday, Alan!alansondheim1(via flickr)

Alan read 12 books by Lafcadio Hearn,
Alan thought Hearn was extremely manic-depressive, accented on the latter.
Alan wished Georg Baselitz was born on Feb 3 like himself. No such luck.
Instead Alan shares a birthday with the great Austrian poet Georg Trakl who was schizophrenic and possibly incestuous.
Austrian poet Georg Trakl geotrakl
Select poems by Georg Trakl

Previous birthday celebration for Feb 3 included Gertrude Stein who might have collaborated with the Vichy and Simone Weil who had eating disorders and starved herself to death.

The Saint of the Undecided The Notebook of Simone Weil (Time)

For Iris Chang a heartbreaking poem by Alan Sondheim

Kenneth Anger was born on Feb 3. Don’t mix him up with Stan Brakhage.

Rabbit’s Moon (youtube)

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