Film Composer & Figure Skating 2009

R.I.P Maurice Jarre – who was 84. (Father of Jean Michel Jarre)

His breakthrough came in 1962 when provided the soundtrack for the epic Lawrence of Arabia, for which he was awarded an Oscar. He went on to compose music for more than 150 films.

Here are some figure skaters who won their gold with his film scores.

One key element to great skating is to watch how the skaters use their arms. (Most skaters are quite happy to frail their arms chasing after points like a cash machine – not good. Yagudin, Sasha Cohen, Johnny Weir, John Curry, Matt Savoie, and Buttle take their time and avoid this trap. )

Watch Johnny Weir’s Dr Zhivago
Johnny Weir did not compete this year. He got sick in Korea – here is Johnny talking about his friendship with Yu Na Kim. (Great jacket. Weir’s other passion is fashion. Johnny seems happy even though his rival won gold this year. Evan’s a bit over the top emotionally)

Most of youtube figure skating clips are in Korean these days – the whole country has gone crazy for Yu Na Kim.
Her rival Mao Asada, last year’s world champion did not medal this year. The silver went to Canada’s Joannie Rochette and the bronze to Japan’s Miki Ando. We usually see unhappy or disappointed silver and bronze winners, not this year the two seemed very happy to stand next to magnificent Queen Yu Na.

Yu Na Kim animation video is here.

Canadian Patrick Chan, who is only 18, won Silver. . here
This Frenchman who defected to Italy skates in a Macaroni Western.
Long legged Carolina Kostner had a disaster performance, but no matter, she can win for having the best costume. Carolina won siver here at European Championship.